Hello! My name is Craig, this is my website! I often find myself lost in a sea of different interests and passions, so I figured I would create a hub for me to store anything I finish, and a place for people to find anything they like!


I’m a musician studying the industry in hopes of one day working (or performing) in it. I’m a golfer constantly trying to get my handicap down. I’m a photographer searching for the few photos that make the cut. I’m from the North Shore of the Boston area, but I’m currently at school in Philadelphia. Guitar is my primary instrument, but I have also played trumpet, trombone, tuba, bass, saxophone, and euphonium in various ensembles throughout my life. I hear music as a language and believe instruments are simply a means to talk, so learning new instruments has always come easily. I love to be challenged, whether it be a tough piece of music, a difficult golf shot, or a new ski trail. I hope you learn something from my writing and I hope it makes you think.